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Chapter 21: Something Deeper than the Mind

And the sudras who became converted to Christianity became converted only on the grounds that they were promised that they would be treated equally. And they are not treated equally - they cannot even worship in the other churches, with the other Christians.

So they are Christian sudras; there is no change at all. It has not been a gain in any way. It has been a loss, because when they were Hindu sudras the Indian constitution was giving them special privileges. In jobs there were limited quotas for them. Whether they were more proficient or not, those limited places were given to them. In universities, in colleges, they were given special scholarships. Whether they deserved them or not, that was not the question. They have suffered for centuries, and now some compensation has to be made. By becoming Christians they have lost all those privileges, because they are no longer Hindus. And as far as their being sudras is concerned, they are still sudras. So they have been cheated badly.

And the pope had not the guts to say directly to the Hindus, “Your caste system is inhuman.” He did not mention Hinduism. A criticism has to be direct and clear, honest and sincere. Why was he afraid of making a direct criticism? He was afraid because he was going to move around India, then everywhere he would be condemned and protested against because the caste system is the very corner stone of Hinduism. It is ugly, it should not be there, but even critics are such cowards.

And you hope these people can give you spiritual experience? They don’t have it themselves. Their spirituality is just their seniority; it is bureaucracy. It is not that somebody becomes a pope because he is enlightened, he becomes a pope because he is the seniormost priest. They cannot give you anything. Yes, they can force you or purchase you.

As far as I am concerned I have no religion to convert you, I have only an experience to share with you and perhaps you can get the knack of it. Sometimes just listening to me, a moment of silence may descend on you and in that silence you may see that you are not only the thoughts that pass through you, but an awareness.

The moment you become alert to your awareness you have found the key. Then it is up to you to use it as much as you can. And whenever you have time, space, don’t waste it in stupid things - playing cards, watching a football match, watching two idiots wrestling.Stop all that nonsense, that is not going to help you grow.

Use all this time, energy, just sitting silently, enjoying the peace that descends when you are only a watcher. And it goes on deepening, it takes you ultimately to your innermost core. And to experience the center of your being is to experience also the center of the whole universe.

We are different only on the periphery.

At the center we are one, one with the stars far away, one with the smallest leaf of grass. In existence there is no inequality.

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