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Chapter 4: Transforming Unconsciousness into Consciousness

I can make you blissful - why ask for convictions? I can give you the real experience. My whole effort here is not to give beliefs to people but experiences, not to help them superficially but really to transform them. I am absolutely available to you. And you cannot escape me for long.

Ram is also my advocate and he enjoys telling people “I am Osho’s advocate.” But to be my advocate is to be in danger; sooner or later you will be trapped. Maybe that’s why I have chosen you as my advocate, so that you can come closer to me. My ways are devious.

A great love has arisen in you for me. Now, that love is the first flower of the spring; much more is on the way.

But remember, my whole approach is that of existential experience. I don’t want you to be believers, I would like you to experience on your own; I don’t want to convince you. What I am saying is my experience: there is no death. I am not saying to you, “Believe that there is no death.” I am simply expressing, sharing my experience that there is no death. It is a challenge. It is not an effort to convince you, it is a challenge to come and explore. You are welcome. Think of me as your home.

The second question:

I have felt a deep sadness all day long stemming from your remarks today about psychoanalysis and recalling your jokes over the years about psychiatrists. In my own life I have been blessed with encountering a few rare and wise psychiatrists, psychologists - one of whom led me to you.
These people provided - and continue to provide - an oasis for me in an otherwise barren desert in the West. It is not so much their profession as the level of their being that attracts me.
Why do you hit this profession so hard? And how can I trust myself and my experience when it conflicts with what you say? I feel caught in a paradox.

I hit people only when I love them, I don’t waste my hits on unnecessary people, on unworthy people. Psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychologists, are my targets. I am throwing my net to catch hold of as many as possible.

It is said of Jesus.

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