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Chapter 27: This Is Just a Device

Is it true that whatsoever the master says or does is simply a device to transform the disciple?

It is one of the most impossible things in the world to indicate, to explain the ultimate truth. The experience is beyond words. The difficulty is we have nothing else to communicate with; words are our only means of communication.

But the ultimate has to be said, it has to be pointed at; it is an intrinsic necessity of the experience itself. The moment you know it, at that very moment a great desire to share it arises too; they cannot be separated.

A small story will help.

Gautama the Buddha became enlightened. He came to know the very essence of reality - not only to know but to experience; not only to know.he became it. And the first question that arose in his mind was, “How am I going to express it? It is too vast. The whole sky.perhaps even the sky is not the limit, and the words are so small. It is so deep that even oceans are not so deep; and words.they don’t have any depth. It is multi-dimensional. Words are linear, one dimensional. How to bring this strange experience to those who are groping on the path, just the way I was groping for millions of lives?”

It is natural that a compassion should arise, because those who are groping are not strangers, they are fellow-travelers. You are blessed that you have found the door - now don’t be hard; somehow make the deaf listen, the blind see. Make the words dance and sing and express the ecstasy - but how?

And there is a great dilemma: on the one hand there is compassion pulling you towards the other seekers, and there is a diametrically opposite pull to remain silent because it is so beautiful to be silent, so blissful, such a benediction. The experience wants you to drown yourself completely in it and the compassion wants you to stay on the shore a little more and shout from the rooftops of the houses to those who are deaf. Perhaps somebody may hear.

For seven days Buddha remained silent. He could not decide what to do. It was easier to remain silent and enjoy the sweetness of the experience and not to bother about others - but it was cruel, it was violent, it was not right for a man of heart. But the trouble was, even if he should decide to express, there are no words in human language which can bring the ultimate experience. In communication, explanation, there is no argument to prove it. The only argument is to experience it. If you ask for proof before the experience, there is no way; it cannot be proved. Puzzled, he remained silent.

The story is tremendously beautiful, but remember it is a parable, it is not history.

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