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Chapter 14: Spiritual Pregnancy

It happens to astronauts when they move beyond the gravitation field. The gravitation field of the earth is two hundred miles around the earth. The moment the rocket passes two hundred miles, the strangest experience happens to the astronauts. They suddenly lose all weight. If they are not sitting with their belts on, they start floating inside the rocket, just like birds. Even birds feel the gravitation, that’s why they become tired. They can fly only for a certain time. Then they have to rest.

But the astronaut in the rocket has no gravitational pull. On the moon, when astronauts have landed, they have another very strange experience: because the moon has only one eighth of the gravitation of the earth - it is eight times smaller than the earth, hence its forces of pulling are also eight times less - so the astronaut feels very light, not as light as he was feeling on the way to the moon, but still eight times less.

If you were eighty kilos, you feel only ten kilos. And because the astronaut feels eight times less weight, he can jump eight times further. He can simply jump over your house, just from this street to another street. He can jump to your terrace with no difficulty. There is no problem, because it is only the pull of the earth that is preventing him.

He has to walk very carefully on the moon. He is afraid, because he is feeling so light. If the same thing happens as was happening on the way - in the rocket - then he is finished. On the way, between the moon and the earth, he was able to come out of the rocket, he can float around the rocket. Tremendous experiences, but still they are physical.

But as your spiritual being starts growing within you, or starts coming into your vision - just a faraway vision of a mountain peak, covered with eternal snow - suddenly you can start feeling, even from far away, a certain coolness and a certain ancientness and a certain eternity. As you will become more aware, Premda, of your inner being, it will appear, as now, as if you are pregnant. You will see that you are not pregnant with anybody else, but that your own potential, your own ultimate possibility, is trying to unfold its petals.

You must have seen Gautam Buddha’s statues.always sitting on a lotus flower. In the East, the lotus has always been the symbol of ultimate flowering, because there is no other flower so big and so beautiful and so symbolically significant. The lotus grows in mud, dirty mud. That is one of the similarities: your body is nothing but dirty mud, and the lotus grows in the dirty mud. The lotus emerges from the water and its petals are so silky that the water cannot touch them. They remain always untouched by water. Even dewdrops settle on them in the night - particularly in winter - and in the morning you can see the dewdrop is sitting on the petals of the lotus, but the lotus is not wet. The dewdrop and the lotus are still separate. And soon a little breeze.and the dewdrop will start falling off the lotus leaves or the lotus petals.

That is the second symbol for a spiritual man who lives in the world: just like a lotus flower he is untouched by the world, as the lotus flower is not touched by the water in which it grows, in which it lives, in which it dies - but remains untouched by it.

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