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Chapter 29: Something of the Wild

I have heard you say that ninety-eight percent of the women of the East have not known orgasm. Why is it they look so graceful and not frustrated like the women in the West?

It is a strange logic of life, but in a way very simple. In the East ninety-eight percent of the women have not known what orgasm is. Your question is, “Why is it they look so graceful and not frustrated like the women in the West?” That’s why! You have to be in a position of experiencing something and then having it denied to you; only then frustration sets in. If you don’t know at all that anything like orgasm exists, then there is no question of frustration. In the West also, before this century, the woman was not frustrated because the situation was the same there.

It was because of psychoanalysis and the deeper researches into human energies that it was discovered that for a millennium we have lived under a fallacy. The fallacy was that the woman has a vaginal orgasm, which has not been found to be true; she does not have a vaginal orgasm at all.

In fact, the woman’s vagina is absolutely insensitive, it feels nothing. Her orgasm is clitoral - and that is a totally separate part. She can reproduce children without knowing any orgasm, she can make love without knowing any orgasm.

Hence for centuries, in the East and West both, the woman was satisfied to become a mother. In a way she was against sex, because it was not giving her any joy - it was giving only trouble: pregnancy.

For centuries women have lived just like factories, reproducing children. Man has used them as factories, not as human beings - because nine children out of ten used to die; so if you want two or three children, the woman has to produce two or three dozen children. That means that for her whole sexual life, while she is capable of giving birth to life, she becomes pregnant again and again; and pregnancy is a suffering.

She has never been in favor of sex. She has suffered it, she has tolerated it. She has gone into it because it was her duty; and deep down she has hated her husband because he is just like an animal. Why do you think women have always worshipped celibate saints? The innermost reason is that their celibacy proved them to be holier beings.

She cannot respect her own husband in the same way. Once you have a sexual relationship with a woman, she cannot have respect for you. That has been the cost - because she knows you have used her. In every language the expression makes it clear: it is the man who makes love to the woman, not vice versa. It is strange.they are making love with each other, but in every language it is always the man who makes love; the woman is only an object. The woman only tolerates and goes into it because she has been conditioned in her mind that it is her duty; the husband is the god and she has to make his life as pleasant as possible.

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