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Chapter 8: The Fully Drowned

A master once asked his disciple a question about truth. The latter replied and the master said, “Yes, that is right.”

The next day the master asked the same question. The disciple said, “I already replied to it yesterday.”

The master said, “Answer again today.”

The disciple repeated what he had said the previous day, whereupon the master said, “No! No!”

The disciple was surprised and said to his master, “Yesterday you said, ‘Yes, that is right,’ so how is it that you say no today?”

Do you know what the master answered? He said, “Yesterday it was yes, today it is no.”

What is the point of this story? Do you get it? The point is that the disciple’s answer had become stereotyped, it was imprisoned in a fixed pattern. It was confined to a concept. Hence it had lost its life; it was dead. It had become a part of the memory. It was no more a knowing. Our memories are full of such dead answers and because of that, that which is alive cannot arise.

My friends, you have to awaken experience - experiencing - not memory. Memory is a dead weight; experiencing is a living liberation. The experience of truth cannot be predetermined. It cannot be imprisoned in any terminology or in any rigid definition perpetrated by some philosophy, religion or ideology. We cannot expect the truth to conform to any ideology or to any school of thought or to any set rules. Any effort to confine it to any pattern will be futile.

It is not that we have to confine or imprison truth, but on the contrary, we have to unravel ourselves, liberate ourselves. The way to truth is not to confine it, the way is to unravel ourselves. Do not imprison truth; unravel yourself. This is the only way to attain to it. The realization of truth is only possible through experiencing. It cannot be known by any other means than self-realization or self-experience. Experiencing and experiencing alone is the deciding factor.

Once I was by a waterfall. I drank its water and found it to be sweet. This also applies to truth. Drink and know. It is the kind of taste you can only know by tasting it.

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