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Chapter 29: Something of the Wild

I said, “That makes you realize that in nature, in life, the action is followed by the consequence, just like you are followed by your shadow. There is not such a gap.you passed by in a past life and in this life we see your shadow passing by. We simply see your shadow, and we know that somebody must have passed by here in a past life. The consequence is the shadow.”

But Western woman has had to pass through a very revolutionary period which destroyed her contentment, the grace that had always been hers. And it has led her to the extreme; she has started behaving in an ugly and nasty way. It is not a rebelliousness with understanding, it is just a reactionary attitude.

Of the causes that marked the change between the Western woman and the Eastern, the first is Karl Marx. He proposed, and convinced the intelligentsia of the whole world, that poverty has nothing to do with any past life, or with fate, or with destiny; that it is not decided by God who should be poor and who should be rich. It is the social structure, the economic structure which decides who is going to be poor. And this structure can be changed, because it is not God-made - there is no God, as such - it is man-made.

The Russian revolution proved Karl Marx right on an experimental basis - that the structure can be changed, that kings can become paupers and paupers can become kings. And no interference was made by God, “You cannot do this, it is my writing on their foreheads, you cannot change it.”

The Czar’s whole family in Russia - nineteen people, men and women, old, young, children, one small baby only six months old, and one man ninety-five years old - the whole royal family of nineteen people was massacred. They were cut into pieces, and God did not interfere saying, “What are you doing with this family? That is my decision. What are you doing with the people who I have made the owners of almost one-sixth of the world?” The Russian Empire was the biggest empire of those days, and the Tsar was the richest man in the world.

So the first hammering came from Karl Marx. The second hammering came from Sigmund Freud. He declared that men and women are equal, belong to the same species, and any theories or philosophies which condemn women are simply inhuman and male chauvinistic. And then the third and the last hammering came from Masters and Johnson’s researches, which brought to light that the woman has been deprived of orgasm for centuries. It proved that man has been really inhuman in his behavior. As far as his own sexual needs were concerned he used the woman, but he did not allow the woman to enjoy sex.

These three things have changed the whole atmosphere in the West; but these three things have not yet penetrated into the Eastern, traditional mind. As a result, the Western woman is on the warpath. But it is a reactionary phenomenon; hence I am not in favor of what goes on in the name of women’s liberation.

I want women to be liberated, but not to go to the other extreme. The women’s liberation movement is going to the other extreme - it is trying to be revengeful, it is trying to do to man exactly what man has done to her.

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