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Chapter 5: You Must See for Yourself

Pigs were particularly popular at marriages because they represented virtue and fertility. Generally, in China, pigs are venerated because they represent good fortune.”

So it is absolutely appropriate for Avirbhava to inaugurate the museum with her own hands.

Avirbhava, bring your pig.and inaugurate!

(Avirbhava places a cuddly soft pink pig on the podium and it proceeds to waddle across the marble in front of Osho’s feet, making grunting noises as its snout and tail wriggle.)

That is good.

Now we can turn to the serious matter.

Even this inauguration will hurt many people’s religious beliefs, so there will be a few more cases. But this has been the right ancient god with which to inaugurate this museum, where we are going to collect all the dead gods that have been worshipped by a stupid humanity.

Buddhas have been forced to worship pigs and nobody has objected. Stones, monkeys, elephants - you name it, they have all been worshipped somewhere or other. But nowhere in the whole history of mankind has man been given the dignity of a god. I am for the first time giving you the dignity of a god, and I want you to make a plaything of all the so-called gods worshipped by humanity. It is such a degradation, such a humiliation. But man has accepted slavery without revolting against it.

If the crowd was worshipping the pig they followed the crowd, because the crowd gave them security and coziness and they had not the courage to revolt. Our museum will be specially devoted to all those idiots who have worshipped animals rather than searching for their own super-human consciousness, their own buddha; looking into mosques and synagogues and temples rather than looking into themselves.

It will create legal problems, but that does not matter. I have faced legal problems my whole life. I tremendously enjoy the stupidity of the judiciary around the world. They are still protecting those people whose feelings are hurt if you say anything about the pigs. In the name of religion all kinds of nonsense has been forced on man’s mind.

My basic function is to take away all this nonsense from you so you can come out in your full glory - a full moon, a buddha, sufficient unto yourself. I don’t teach any prayer, I simply teach exploration of the inner world. There is the treasure; not in the scriptures, as Dogen is saying.

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