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Chapter 10: God Is Because You Are Full of Fear

Why is the hypothesis of God needed?

It is not a simple curiosity. She has pinpointed the weakest point of all the religions - why God? No religion has been able to answer the question, no philosopher has been able to figure it out. Because whatever reason you give - “God is because of this reason,” - God becomes secondary. And no religion can put God second to anyone, so they go on round and round giving answers and knowing perfectly well that none of their answers is going to answer the question. But I can answer the question because I do not belong to any established religion.

God is because you are full of fear.

It has nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with philosophy. It has something to do with your psychology. God is your fear, projected, magnified unto the skies, made bigger..

The Indian God has one thousand hands. He must look like a centipede! So if you meet some big centipede, be respectful! - who knows.. The Indian God has three faces - obviously he needs them so that he can look all around; otherwise he is looking to one side and on the other side the world goes mad, which is always possible. So he has to be continuously on watch. The idea looks very good but it is basically your fear.

The fear is whether God knows you or not. So big a crowd on this small planet.and there are estimated to be fifty thousand planets in the world where there is life. And this is only about the world that we have come to know through science; it is not the whole world, it is only a small part. Every day new territory is revealed, and Albert Einstein said in one of his letters that it seems the world has no limits.

Logically it cannot have, because to make a limit you need two things. You cannot make a limit with one thing. You have a fence around your garden because the gardens of your neighbors are there. You can make a fence - but can you create a fence where the world ends, and there is nothing beyond it? And even nothing beyond it is something beyond it. Who knows what that nothing contains? And it will be infinite, the exploration has to continue.

Man’s science is very undeveloped and you will be surprised; if you look backwards then you can understand. Whatever you are doing in the hospitals and the medical colleges seems to be right, but if you look at the history of fifty years ago, you will be surprised - everything that has looked right has proved wrong in fifty years’ time.

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