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Chapter 23: A New World, a New Man

You have been talking to us about Jesus’ parables. In one of his most important sayings, Jesus warned about the false prophet of the East - the wolf in sheep’s clothing who will deceive many in the days of man’s final liberation. You have also been speaking about Truman’s nuclear terror and warned us of Reagan’s antique philosophy.
Can you speak to us about the dark one of the East, Ayatollah Khomeini. Is this the false prophet the world has expected?

In the first place, all the prophets have been false - Jesus included.

The very idea of somebody claiming that he is a prophet is nothing but pure ego. But people are not satisfied even with that. The ego is never satisfied, it wants more and more. Then they start trying to prove that they are the right kind of prophet. But to prove themselves the right kind of prophets they have to invent the wrong kind, and everything that is ugly, that is bad, can be thrown on the shoulders of the wrong prophets.

No prophecy of Jesus has come true. He was saying to his disciples, “Soon you will see me with the father in heaven.” Two thousand years have passed and his “soon” seems to be really very long. One can stretch things a little bit but not that much. There is a limit to everything. Then he prophesied that he would be coming back, and if this is the end of the world, as it seems from every direction.

By the end of this century perhaps life will have to disappear from this planet, unless man takes a tremendously revolutionary step to change everything old, makes a bonfire of everything old, and starts life from scratch so that man becomes Adam and woman becomes Eve again. This time there will be no God to prevent you from eating the fruit of knowledge and the fruit of eternal life. Now you can explore every nook and corner of existence and become as wise as possible; you can explore your inner being and can get in touch with the eternal principle of life.

But from all directions it seems that the old world has come to an end - at the most a dozen years more. When is Jesus to come? - when the world is dead? Then will he come to perform the ceremonies for the dead?

He was hoping that at his crucifixion a miracle would happen, because he believed fanatically that he was the only begotten son of God. There was no proof of it, no evidence, no certificate. In fact, he forced the Jews to crucify him, because he was saying.In the old scriptures it is said that when the messiah comes he will be crucified and God will prevent the crucifixion and will do great miracles to prove that he is his own son. Jesus didn’t listen to people and he went on saying it.

Finally they had to put him to the test. He was himself asking for it because he was saying it is because of the old scriptures that you should accept him as the awaited messiah. They crucified him and they waited for the miracle - but no miracle happened. Jesus also waited, but when he saw that he was already crucified on the cross and nothing was happening, he shouted at the sky, “Father, have you forsaken me?” Certainly a doubt had arisen, a suspicion that God had forsaken him.

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