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Chapter 11: It Is Pure Light.Pure Delight

You can be more natural than any animal. You can go to the abysmal depths of nature, and you can go to the very heights of nature, but you will not be going beyond in any way. You will be becoming more natural, you will be becoming more multidimensionally natural.

To me the religious man is not one who is above nature, but is the man who is totally natural, fully natural, who has explored nature in all its dimensions, who has not left anything unexplored.

Animals are prisoners; they have a certain limited area of being. Man has the capacity, the intelligence, the freedom to explore. And if you have explored nature totally, you have come home. Nature is your home. Then death is a joy, is a celebration. Then you die without any complaint; you die with deep gratitude, because life gave you so much, and death is simply the ultimate height of all that you have lived.

It is just like before the flame of a candle goes out it burns brightest.the natural man, before he dies, lives brightest for a moment; he is all light, all truth. To me this is natural death. But it has to be earned; it is not given to you. The opportunity is given to you, but you have to explore, you have to earn, you have to deserve.

Even to see the death of an authentic man, just to be near him while he is dying, you will be filled suddenly with a strange joy. Your tears will not be of sadness, sorrow; they will be of gratitude and blissfulness - because when a man dies naturally, living his life fully, he spreads his being into the whole of nature. Those who are present and close to him are bathed.a sudden freshness, a breeze, a new fragrance and a new feeling that death is not something bad, that death is not something to be afraid of, that death is something to be earned, to be deserved.

I teach you the art of life. But it can be called also the art of death. They are both the same.

How can one get out of the trap the mind creates of never quite being blissful in the moment, of never being patient and letting the grass grow by itself. I’m always wanting to move faster, pushing the river and missing the beauty of it taking me in its own time. Would you please comment?

It is one of the eternal questions.

The East has come up with something very close to the truth. There are religions born in India and religions born outside India; the religions born outside all believe in one life - that is, seventy years. Naturally, one is in a hurry; one has to be in a hurry - such a small life and so much to do, so much to experience, so much to explore. That’s why the Western mind is speedy, wanting to do everything faster and faster, quickly, because his conception of life is too small. You cannot blame him.

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