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Chapter 33: To Be Enlightened Simply Means I Know Myself

No, we can create new fun. Eskimos have never kissed, but they have all the fun. They rub noses instead of kissing, and that is more hygienic. So why not rub noses? Kissing certainly is dangerous now. And I think you would not like to put in danger of death anybody you love

And there are other ways. Vatsyayana, the oldest sexologist in the world - his five-thousand-year-old sutras exist in India - writes that the best way is to press each other’s earlobes, play with each other’s earlobes. They are very erotic. And I find it so, that this is great!

You’ve tried it?

Yes. I never say anything unless I have tried it.

Kissing is really.I don’t see it. Even before AIDS I have never felt.

You never liked it.

.that kissing is right. It is dirty, mixing each other’s saliva; and this French kissing and exploring each other’s mouth with your tongues. You just make a film of what you are doing and then watch the film, and then you will know that this is not the right thing. It is simply disgusting, sick. You will feel like vomiting. What is happening? This is ‘love’, and you call it enjoyment?

When I go back to Seattle and tell my girlfriend I’m not going to kiss her anymore, she’s not going to like you very much.

That’s good. That’s very good. Give her my blessings, and tell her that I have told you to rub noses and press each other’s earlobes. Explore somsething new! Kissing is too old and rotten. Okay?