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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Secrets of Swordsmanship

The higher you reach, the more unburdened you need to be. So a miser cannot soar high. A miser cannot soar in love, or in prayer, or in godliness. He remains clinging to the earth; he almost remains rooted in the earth. Trees cannot fly. If you want to fly you need to be uprooted. You need to be like a white cloud with no roots anywhere, a wanderer.

But you can hide your miserable self. And you can hide your diseases behind good, beautiful terms and words. You can be very articulate and you can be very rationalizing. All these have to be broken.

And if you go on hiding, then not only do you hide your diseases, you hide your treasures also. This hiding becomes a fixation; it becomes a habit, an obsession. But I tell you, before a perceptive man, before a master who has known himself, you will be completely x-rayed. You cannot hide from somebody who has eyes. You can hide from yourself, you can hide from the world, but you cannot hide from somebody who has come to know what clarity is, what perception is. For such a man, you are absolutely on the surface.

I have heard about an American couple who were strolling along the banks of the Seine under the shadows of Notre Dame.

He was lost in silence. She said finally, “What are you thinking about, darling?”

“I was thinking, dear, that if anything happened to either of us, I would like to spend the rest of my life in Paris.”

He may not be aware of what he is saying, he may have uttered this in absolute unawareness. Let me repeat it. He says, “I was thinking, dear, that if anything happened to either of us, I would like to spend the rest of my life in Paris.” He wants the wife to die although he is not saying it clearly - but he has said it.

We continuously broadcast, in many ways.

Just a few days ago President Ford gave a party in honor of the Egyptian ambassador to the States. But then when he was giving the toast he forgot completely and something from the unconscious bubbled up - a slip of the tongue, we say, but it is not just a slip of the tongue. He raised the glass and said, “In honor of the great nation of Israel.” To Egyptians!

Then of course he tried to mend it, to patch it, but it was too late. Deep down he wants Israel to win over the Egyptians. It bubbled up, surfaced from the unconscious.

It happened at a party. A man was leaving, but he was very diffident. He murmured to the hostess, “The meal was delicious, what there was of it.”

Noting the hurt expression on his hostess’ face, the guest blushed and hastened to say, “Ah, ah. And there was plenty of food, such as it was.”

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