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Chapter 18: Remaining with the Facts

The first question:

You said last night that modern man has become inauthentic in expressing anger, violence, sex, etc. You say that in India students and the younger generation are less violent in their emotional expressions than are Western youth does this mean that Western youth are becoming more authentic in their expressions? Is permissiveness in the expression of sex and anger a growth toward being authentic in emotional expressions?

Many things have to be considered. One, to be authentic means to be totally factual. Ideologies, theories, isms, they distort you and they give you a false persona. You cultivate faces, then whatsoever you show you are not. The reality is missed and you are suddenly acting and acting. Your life becomes less alive and more a game in which you are enacting something - not your real soul, but the culture, the education, the society, the civilization. Man can be cultivated - and the more you are cultivated, the less real you are.

The reality is your uncultivated self, untouched by society. But that is dangerous. A child, if left to himself, will be just an animal. He will be authentic, but he will be an animal; he will not become a man. So that is not possible, that alternative is closed. We cannot leave a child to himself. We have to do something, and whatsoever we do will disturb the real self. It will give clothings, it will give faces and masks to the child. He will become a man, but then he will become an actor; he will not be real. If you leave him to himself he will be like an animal - authentic, real, but not a man. So it is a necessary evil that we have to teach him, we have to cultivate and condition him. Then he becomes a man, but unreal.

The third possibility opens with these techniques of meditation. All techniques of meditation are really “unconditionings.” Whatsoever society has given to you can be taken away again, and then you will not be an animal. Then you will be something more than man. You will be a superman - real, but not an animal.

How does it happen? A child has to be given culture, education. There is no possibility of leaving him to himself. If you leave him to himself, he will never become a man; he will remain an animal. He will be real, but he will miss the world, the dimension of consciousness which opens with man. So we have to make him a man, and he becomes unreal.

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