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Chapter 4: Transcendence Brings Buddhahood

But the hypocrites become priests, monks, mahatmas, sages, saints, and the guilty become the followers. This is the game that is going on.

You ask me: “Why do Indians think of sex in terms of need.?” Because their needs are not fulfilled. They are in all kinds of need - to them sex is also a need. A needy person has an eye which projects his needs everywhere. You see only that which you can see, you hear only that which you can hear: you are continuously choosing according to your needs. To a hungry person a beautiful woman simply looks like a delicious dish. The very idea shows where the man stands.

There are expressions in all the languages of the world for love. People have started using words like eating - ”I would like to eat you” the lover says to the woman. What kind of love is this? Lovers bite each other, lovers chew each other - as if they are chewing gum. Lovers leave tooth marks on each other. What kind of poetry is this? They scratch each other with their nails. Is this love or is something else masquerading behind it?

Love should be deep caring. One should not think in terms of food, things, of eating, biting - these are ugly expressions.

But India lives in all kinds of needs. Hence, sex also becomes only a need, at the most, a release, a tranquilizer - the same kind of release that you feel when you have a good sneeze: some burden, some tension is gone. But there is no fulfillment in it, there is no rejoicing in it.

Indians make love as if they are thieves, as if they are doing something wrong. They make love as if they are going against God, as if they are committing some sin.

Of course they have to make love because that is a need. And it can only be a need unless their other needs are fulfilled. When all the needs are fulfilled, love starts having a totally different dimension to it - the dimension of fun, the dimension of dance and music. Then you are not using it as a relaxation, as a tranquilizer, as a sneeze; you start sharing. Love becomes more prominent, sex becomes secondary. When it is a need love is just a word: sex is the only thing, the reproductive activity is the only thing.

And you know it - it is a well-known fact scientifically observed all over the world - that poor people produce more children. Why? They don’t have any other possibilities of entertaining themselves. They don’t have the idiot box, the tv, they cannot sit glued in their chair for six hours. They don’t have a chair, in fact! They don’t have the money to go to a hotel to participate in some celebration, to go to a movie, to drink alcohol, to dance, sing. All the possibilities are closed. The whole tiredness of the day, the routine work, the continuity of the same rut.the only possibility, a free amusement available to them, is sex. That becomes their last act in the day. So before going to sleep they religiously devote, one, two minutes to it, and then they fall asleep like logs.

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