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Chapter 9: Both and More

Today’s sutras are of such great value that they are incomparable in the whole religious literature. Even in the world of the Upanishads - there are one hundred eight Upanishads in all these sutras are incomparable, unique.

The first sutra:

Into a blinding darkness go they who worship action alone.
Into an even greater darkness go they who worship meditation.

Action means that which is external to you, meditation which is internal to you. Action is outer, meditation is inner. Action is extroversion, meditation is introversion. Action is an objective approach; science is rooted in it, hence science insists on experimentation. And because science insists on action, experiment, it destroys all that is more than the external - it denies. It simply denies the world of interiority, the world of subjectivity. It is so absurd that science accepts the outer without accepting the inner. How the outer can exist at all without the inner? It is nonsensical.

If there is a coin it is bound to have two aspects; you cannot find a coin which has only one aspect to it, only one-sided coin; it is impossible. Howsoever thin you make it, it will always have two sides to it; you cannot make it so thin that it has only one side.

But science goes on insisting on this foolishness: that the external is true and the internal is false. It believes in matter, but it does not believe in consciousness. It says matter has validity, and science asks for objective validity. Of course the world of subjectivity cannot have an objective validity - it is so obvious. The very asking is wrong. The inner cannot come and manifest itself as the outer, but science is blind about it And those who believe in science say that consciousness is illusory.

Karl Marx, who thinks he is creating a scientific communism, says that consciousness is an epiphenomenon. a byproduct of matter. It does not exist in its own right; it is just a combination of material elements, chemistry. physics. It is just a combination, nothing more than that. When a person dies the elements start falling apart and then there is left no consciousness. Hence there is no immortality, no soul. Man becomes just a machine with a wrong notion that it has a soul. Man is not a he or she but only an it.

This scientific approach has colored even the world of psychology. In fact, ninety percent of the psychologists should not use the word psychology at all; it is just wrong for them to use the word because they deny the psyche, and still they go on using the word psychology.

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