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Chapter 20: The Esoteric Dimensions of Tantra

You have said that the difference between male and female ends with the fifth body. How do the positive and negative electricity poles of the first four bodies become adjusted to bring about this development? Please explain this in detail.

In the context of the male and female bodies you have been told that the first body of the female is a female body while the second is male, and the exact opposite is the case with the male. Then the woman’s third body is again female and the fourth male. I have told you before that the female body is incomplete, as is the male body. These two together make a complete body. This union is possible in two ways. If the external man combines with the external woman, together they create a unit. With this unit the work of nature, of procreation, goes on. If a man or woman turns inward and unites with the female or male within, a different journey begins which is the way toward the whole. The external union, however, is a journey toward nature.

When the first body of the male meets his second, etheric body which is female, these two make a unit. When the first body of a female meets her second, etheric body which is of the male element, they also form a unit. This is a wonderful unity. The external union can only be momentary. Very briefly it gives a period of happiness, then the sorrow of separation is infinitely greater. And this sorrow brings about a fresh yearning for the same pleasure which again proves to be momentary; then again there is the parting which is long and painful. So the outer pleasure can only be momentary whereas the union within abides forever. Once it takes place it never breaks.

Therefore, as long as the union within does not take place there is sorrow and pain. A current of happiness begins to flow within as soon as this inner union takes place. This pleasure is similar to that which is experienced momentarily in the outer union that takes place during lovemaking - a union which is so infinitesimal in its duration that it is over almost before it has begun. Many times it is not even experienced; it happens with such swiftness that it is not felt at all.

From the viewpoint of Yoga, when inner intercourse becomes possible the instinct for outer intercourse immediately disappears. The reason is that this inner union is completely satisfying and fulfilling. The images of coitus depicted on temple walls are indications in this direction.

Inner intercourse is a process of meditation. Therefore, opposition arose between the concept of internal and external intercourse. This was due to the fact that he who enters into inner intercourse once will lose all interest in outer intercourse.

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