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Chapter 1: To Be Ordinary Is the Most Extraordinary Thing in the World

The ordinary person has a uniqueness and a simplicity, humbleness. Out of his simplicity, humbleness, uniqueness, he has really become extraordinary, but he has no idea of it.

So it is a paradox: the people who think they are extraordinary are simply retarded, mediocre. And the people who are humble and just accept that they are ordinary people like everybody else - you will see a light in their eyes. You will see a grace in their actions. You will not see them competing, you will not see them cheating. You will not see them betraying. They will not have double minds. They will not be hypocrites.

What is the need for an ordinary person to be a hypocrite? He can show his heart openly to anybody, because he is not pretending anything.

You become secretive when you start pretending. You start feeling very great. You may say it or not, but by hypocrisy, masks, your head goes on becoming more and more swollen. It is a state of sickness.

And who is the person who believes himself extraordinary? The person who suffers immensely from an inferiority complex. To cover it up, he projects just the opposite idea. But he is only deceiving himself, nobody else is deceived by him.

The ordinary person has no need to be a hypocrite, no need to be a pretender. He is just open; he need not be secretive. And there is beauty in openness, simpleness.

So it is a rare paradox that the person who feels himself ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the person who goes on feeling himself extraordinary, remains very retarded, a mediocrity.

Everybody has to look within himself. But people are such deceivers that, deceiving others, slowly slowly they start deceiving themselves. They become so articulate about deceiving. It is dangerous to be a hypocrite, because sooner or later you will start thinking this is your real face.

In my thirty-five years’ work with people I have come across thousands of people, intimately, and I was puzzled that these people have deceived themselves. To deceive others can be understood, but they have deceived themselves.

And you cannot take them out of that deception, because that is their only treasure. They know behind it there is just darkness, hollowness, an inferiority complex. So they cling to it.

Even in this commune - which hurts me, because at least here people should not be like that. Otherwise, what the hell are you doing here?

I just saw Venu at the gate.. Sheela had asked which people were coming with her, and Venu had said that her place is with Sheela. I was surprised. What is she doing here standing at the gate? Her place is not here! She should go with Sheela. Not a single moment she should be here. People should be honest!

Sheela asked me again and again during these four years, “Osho, help me, so that I never deceive you, never betray you.”

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