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Chapter 27: War Is Meaningless

So remember, I am not a leader, I am not a prophet, I am not a messiah. I have no business to do with all that company. I am a simple man, just like you and my people. If there is any difference, the difference is very slight. The difference is that you are asleep, and I am awake.

Only this morning in your discourse, you said that you are not a simple man, you are an extraordinary man.

Only an extraordinary man can say that he is a simple man.

I understand.

A simple man cannot say that.

Okay - these are your friends.

These are my friends.

But you hardly interact with them.

I am continuously interacting. I am dancing with them, I am talking with them, I am sitting in silence with them.

But it is hardly a one-to-one communion with anyone.

There is no need. I have created a field, where just sitting by my side is enough. Otherwise they will be gone, if there is no communion. What will they be doing here? For what will they be here? I dance with them, and they feel my love, they know my love.

Love is something that need not be expressed in words, or expressed even in actions. They can see it in my eyes. You are seeing it in my eyes. Not only are they my friends, you are my friend. That’s why you are here. This is the beginning of a friendship and it is not going to end easily.

In the earlier days of the commune - not here, but in India - you were perhaps in closer touch on a day-to-day level with people.

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