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Chapter 12: God: An Idea Whose Time Has Come - and Gone

This is a very complicated phenomenon. If he is losing resistance to other sicknesses then he has AIDS Thus only a long observation can make it certain that you have AIDS: You go on getting infections, and to cure any infection becomes more and more difficult and slowly you find your life-force falling lower and lower, and for no particular reason you start losing well-being. You cannot pinpoint that this is the reason why you are losing your well-being - just suddenly you don’t feel okay. Nothing is wrong, but your life no longer has the same force.

This kind of thing may have always existed but to detect it was not possible before - only now, and even now it is in a great confusion. But the confusion will be cleared up. Perhaps the cultures where kissing is thought to be unhygienic have a far more advanced idea.and these are primitive people.

Perhaps the brahmins in India, Jainas in India have a better idea in reference to AIDS, because there this is not their practice, that you drink from the same cup; that is thought to be ugly. And to make it a religious thing is going too far. Sooner or later the pope will have to be forced to prevent this practice.

What I was saying was this, that it is very difficult to say who is a sinner and who is a saint. Now, this vicar was a saint up to now. The fool should have chosen to die a little earlier; just one or two years earlier and he would have remained a saint. But now, what is going to be the situation?

It is proved that he was a homosexual, it is proved that he was not a celibate, it is proved that he was indulging in perverted kinds of sexuality. If he had died two years earlier he would have been in heaven. Now ask Lord Jesus Christ where his vicar goes. And with this vicar many more will soon be discovered all around the earth, because that is one of the most dangerous things about AlDS - that through saliva it can be given to anybody.

Perhaps the French will prove the highest, the greatest.because they have discovered great kisses. And the French must have given AIDS to many more people than anybody else in the world. Now, these French people should be stopped. It is a question of world health, life, future. These idiots should be told, “Stop all this nonsense. Find out some better ways of loving” - and there are..

In some islands near Japan lovers rub noses. That’s perfectly healthy and hygienic, and it gives you the same joy. What joy are you getting in kissing? You think you are gaining something? Rubbing noses is more clean - that seems to be far better.

The Indian sex scripture, the first sex scripture in the world, Maharishi Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutras, suggests all kinds of things which can become prevalent in the world. For example: lovers should play with each other’s ear lobes. That’s perfectly hygienic; and ear lobes are very erotic. Try to discover it; just play with ear lobes. It may look a little dry - it is dry cleaning - but at least you can avoid AIDS.

Man’s mind is easily ready for any extreme because the extreme is its life-force. When two extremes meet, they cancel each other and they leave a vacuum. That’s the meaning of the middle way: let the extremes come to a point where they cancel each other and suddenly you are left neither atheist nor theist. Those questions become irrelevant. But the mind is not ready to drop either in religion, in philosophy, or even in science.

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