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Chapter 12: God: An Idea Whose Time Has Come - and Gone

Are you against God and Jesus Christ too? It freaks me out.

It freaks me out too. How I can be against God, who does not exist at all? To be for or to be against, one thing is absolutely necessary, the existence of God.

There are fanatic theists in the world, and similarly fanatic atheists too. Those who believe that God exists, their fanaticism can be forgiven. But those who think that God does not exist, their fanaticism is unforgivable. They should not bother about God at all. I don’t bother a bit.

But there is a human weakness, the weakness of categorizing: if you are not for, then you are against. And the mind functions in polarities, it does not allow the middle way. This is something significant to understand, that the mind can exist only at the extremes. The farther away you go from the middle point, the more you become a mind. The closer you come to the middle point, the more your mind starts disappearing

When you are exactly at the middle, there is no mind at all. That’s why Buddha called his path majjhim nikai ‘the middle path.’ He chose really a very profound name, the middle path - avoiding both the extremes. But mind feels uneasy.. With any extreme it is perfectly at ease.

So if I say there is no God you naturally start inferring that I am against God, but you have not thought of a simple thing - that if there is no God, how can I be against him? The people who are for God may turn against him. But you can depend on me: I cannot turn against him because to be against I would have to invent him first.

Friedrich Nietzsche says, “God is dead.” I cannot even say that. He thinks he is saying something tremendously anti-God, anti-religion, anti-Christianity, anti-Christ. This is not so. To say that God is dead implies that he was there, alive. You have accepted the existence of God - if not in the present, then in the past - and it is going to be very difficult to prove how the existent God died. Nietzsche never argued further and the theists are not capable of raising significant questions.

The whole of western Christianity was shocked by the statement that God is dead. They were angry, they would have liked to kill Friedrich Nietzsche. But nobody asked him, “You have accepted the primary existence of God, now you have to explain how he died And if he was God, how could he die?” And particularly to ask Nietzsche.because Nietzsche believes in the recurrence of life, that life continues. He is the only Western philosopher who believes in the Eastern idea of reincarnation.

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