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Chapter 1: Discontent Is Divine

Father Abraham said to her, “I notice that you first married a banker, then an actor, next a rabbi, and lastly an undertaker. What kind of a system is that for a respectable Jewish woman?”

“A very good system,” replied Gussie. “One for the money, two for the show, three to make ready and four to go!”

If you see, you can enjoy; then it is just a game. Then everything is totally different; then it is a big drama. Then the whole earth becomes just a stage and everybody is acting his part. But if you don’t see, you become obsessed: you start clinging to things, and deep down you know that they are slipping out of your hands.

“I had everything a man could want,” moaned a sad-eyed friend of ours. “Money, a handsome home, the love of a beautiful and wealthy woman. Then, bang! One morning my wife walked in!”

You can’t remain in the same state for long. Life changes just like dreams. Hence the mystics have been calling life nothing but a dream; a dream seen with open eyes, a dream shared by others too. In the night the dream is private; nobody can share it. In the day the dream is public; everybody can share it. In the night the dream is subjective; in the day the dream is objective. But the quality of both is the same - writings on water. You have not even finished writing and they start disappearing. Not even writings on the sand - because on the sand the writing may stay a little longer. It will have to wait for the wind to come or somebody to walk over it. It is writing in water. You go on writing and it goes on disappearing.

Seeing it .you are above sorrow - immediately. Then nothing else has to be done. The moment you have seen it, where is sorrow? The cause has disappeared; you have removed the very cause. Cling, and you create the cause. Non-clinging is liberation.

Hence Buddha says: This is the shining way - so simple, so luminous, that unless you are utterly blind, spiritually blind, you can’t miss it. He is not talking about great metaphysical truths. He is not philosophizing. He is not using complex words and systems and theories. He is simply stating a fact that he has seen - and you can see it. It has nothing to do with Buddha, it is not his invention, it is not his idea. It is the facticity of life.

Look around. Everything is changing. It is like a river moving and moving - and you want to catch hold of it? It is mercury; if you try to catch hold of it you will lose sooner than before. Don’t try to catch hold of it. Watch joyfully, silently. Witness the game, the dream, and .you are above sorrow. Buddha is not saying you will go beyond sorrow. He says: .you are above sorrow.

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