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Chapter 21: The Twain Are Already Meeting

It is so good to be back again. Sitting in your discourse I find myself connecting with my inside to an extent that doesn’t happen in the West. What is this alchemy?

Your question can be answered only if you can understand the phenomenon of energy fields. Every place in the world has its own energy field, created by thousands of people who have lived there. The way they have lived, the way they have loved - they are gone, but they have left behind them a throbbing energy that continues to exist for centuries.

And if it has been a continuous reinforcement of the energy, as it has been in the East.The whole genius of the East has been devoted to a single purpose: for thousands of years they have been trying to look inwards - not one or two people, but millions and millions, generation after generation. It has created a certain vibe which is missing in the West.

Here in the East, meditation is something that you can float in. The whole energy around you is just like a river; it is already going towards the ocean. You don’t have to swim, you have just to float. In the West you have to fight against the current, because for centuries the extrovert mind has created a totally different kind of energy, not just different but absolutely contrary to the East - the outgoing, the extrovert.

If you are working as a scientist in the West you will find an invisible support from the whole atmosphere. In the East this happens only to those who are going on an inward journey; then the skies and the air and the trees, everything starts helping you. Not that they have any intention, but simply that for centuries this is how they have been pulled again and again - towards the inward center.

There are beautiful stories, which may not be factual but I insist on saying that they are true. I want to make a clear-cut distinction between the fact and the truth: something may be factual and still may not be true. Your dreams are factual - when you kill somebody in a dream you really kill them - but they are not true. When you wake up you suddenly find it was just a dream. Just as something can be factual yet not true, the opposite has also to be understood: something may be true, absolutely true, but may not manifest as a fact. The fact is a lower phenomenon. I can explain it only in a way..

On a full-moon night, sitting by the side of a silent lake, you can see the full moon in the lake. It is factual, but not true. And you might not look at the real moon which is far away in the sky; it might not become part of your factual knowledge, but its truth is indubitable.

The beautiful stories that have surrounded people of inner growth create a problem for the historian, but not for the meditator, because the historian is concerned only with the factual. The mystic’s concern is far deeper, far higher. He is not interested in the factual, he is devoted absolutely to the truth.

I would like to give you a few examples.

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