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Chapter 4: Your Original Face

The tiger said, “Of course, master, you are the one, you are the king!”

Then the lion went to a bear, grabbed hold of him and asked, “Who is the master? Who is the boss?”

The bear said, “Of course, there is no need to ask. You are the king of all the animals, you are the boss!”

And then the lion went to the elephant and asked the same question: “Who is the boss here?”

The elephant grabbed the lion and threw him away, at least fifty feet. He was struck by a rock, bleeding, bruised, weak, but he stood and said, “If you don’t know the right answer this is no way to behave!”

This is what you have been doing. But you will not drop it, you will also say, “If you don’t know the right answer this is no way to behave! Why be so rough? You can simply say, ‘I don’t know the answer.’”

If you can recognize that in failure all that society has given you falls, failure can become the beginning of the greatest success that is possible in life. That is why only in failure does a man become religious: if he can recognize the failure. It is very difficult to become religious when you succeed. Then the clothing is giving you so much, why bother about being naked? Then the clothing is such a good investment. But in failure, suddenly you become aware of the nakedness that is there. Nothing can hide it, you can only deceive yourself.

Use your failures! And when you are thrown against a rock, bruised and bleeding, don’t repeat the stupidity of the lion. Recognize that there is no success in this world. There cannot be because this whole thing is so false, and with false faces how can you succeed? Even your Napoleons, your Sikanders, Alexanders, your Genghis Khans, are all failures.

A Jesus succeeds because he stands in his originality, he stands in his nature. Try to understand this; and not only through understanding but by dropping, by and by, your clothing; become naked and you will be pure. Then you will have thrown that apple Adam and Eve ate; then the door of paradise is open again.

Christians say that with Adam and Eve humanity was thrown out of paradise; with Jesus the doors are again open, you can enter. But it will not happen just by being a Christian. You will have to recognize Jesus, and that recognition comes only when you have recognized yourself as Jesus. Nothing less can do.

Enough for today.