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Chapter 15: The Art of Suchness

A resolute mind holds wonderful possibilities. For those who face many defeats in their lives, the readiness of their mind to accept defeat is far more responsible than the circumstances. The world as such has very little to do with the failures met by people - ninety percent of the responsibility lies with the people themselves. When one is ninety percent ready to encounter failure, it would be a little too much if the world didn’t cooperate even ten percent with it - the world makes a ten percent contribution.

The same principle applies to those who go on attaining success as it does to those who meet with failures. Those who are healthy and those who remain mostly sick, those who are peaceful and those who are continuously restless - all are subject to the same principle. Deep down, whatsoever you want to be that’s what you become. Thoughts become objects, thoughts become happenings, thoughts create your personality. Essentially, we alone are responsible for the way we live, and the level at which we live. We alone lay the foundation of the life we live. Once this truth is understood, what I am explaining to you will become clear.

I have already mentioned to you that as long as one has not entered death voluntarily, he cannot be free from the fear of death. Someday death will come, of course, but then you won’t be entering into it voluntarily - you will be compelled to face it. It wouldn’t be surprising if you closed your eyes and became unconscious when forced to go somewhere. You can’t be forced into something if you are fully conscious. But there is no need for one to be under such compulsion. Dying voluntarily, one can see death even while being alive. Watching such a death is a fascinating experience - far more fascinating than the experience of ordinary death, because this death is seen of your own free will. You may ask, however, “How can one die voluntarily and see death?”

This also needs to be understood. Two kinds of mechanisms are working in your life, in your body - one is voluntary, the other is involuntary. There are some parts in your body which move only with your willingness. For example, my hand moves only when I want it to; it won’t move if I don’t want it to move. But the blood inside this hand does not flow according to my desire; it won’t stop flowing if I don’t want it to. So the working of the blood is involuntary. The same is the case with the throbbing of my heart, the beating of my pulse, the food digesting in my stomach - none of these functions follow my command, they are involuntary.

So our biological organism consists of two parts: one that works according to our desire, and the other which works independent of our desire. However, if one were to increase his willpower, what is outside the realm of desire now would become part of it. Similarly, if one’s willpower were to decrease, what is now within the reach of his desire would be no longer. The paralytic condition is a case in point.

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