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Chapter 6: All Is

He hesitated a little and then he said, “You are right. I have never read it from the first page to the last. I have read only a few pages which I hear each Sunday in the sermon of the priest.”

Then I said to him, “You go through it. There are not less than five hundred pages which are sheer pornography. And if they are read and understood, the Bible should be banned from every church, from every library, from every university. Every government should make a law that the Bible is one of the ugliest scriptures in existence.”

“But,” he said, “there is a God.”

I said, “Your very statement shows you are not certain of it, you have no experience of it. You have not encountered him, you have just been repeating like a parrot.”

Each generation goes on giving its own conditionings to the new children. And the children cannot doubt, cannot ask.and this whole circus goes on continuing.

Do you know that there are religions that don’t have any God? Buddhism and Jainism don’t have any God, and for a very logical reason, almost irrefutable. They say: If everything needs to be created.That is the argument of the theist, that everything has to be created. So this whole existence cannot come out of nowhere, it has to be created - we need a creator. Jainism and Buddhism say: We accept your premise, but then we ask if God is there, who created him? And if he can be without any creator, then your whole logic falls. Things can be there which are not created. So why go on unnecessarily from A-God to B-God to C-God? And this will lead to a regression. You will never reach to a point where you can say that this is the last God. The question will still be haunting: Who created?

Seeing this absurdity, we accept existence itself as eternal, uncreated - there is no God.

We experience that this existence is not material - it is conscious, fully conscious.

If a Christian wants to understand me, first he has to put his Christianity aside so that he can hear me directly without his Christianity interfering. Otherwise it is the same - Christian or communist, Hindu or fascist, they are full of their own ideas for which they have no foundation, for which they have never looked. They have simply believed. And all the religions teach belief. Religions call themselves faiths.

And my approach is scientific. Science says doubt, go on doubting until you have eliminated all that was not right and you have come to the last thing which you cannot doubt. Its very existence, its very experience, creates a rapport between you and it. That is faith - not something acquired, but something encountered.

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