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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

Be total, and remember the difference. The ideal of perfection says: Be like this - no anger, no jealousy, no possessiveness, no flaws, no limitations. The ideal of totality is totally different: If you are angry, be totally angry. If you are loving, be totally loving. If you are sad, be totally sad. Nothing is denied - only partiality has to be dropped, and then a person becomes beautiful.

A total person is beautiful. A perfect person is dead.

I am not trying to create mahatmas here. Enough! Those mahatmas have done enough nonsense in the world. We need beautiful people, flowering, flowing, alive. Yes, they will be sometimes sad, but what is wrong in being sad? Sometimes they will be angry, but what is wrong in sometimes being angry? It simply shows that you are alive, that you are not a dead thing, that you are not driftwood. Sometimes you fight, sometimes you let go. Just like climates change: it is rainy sometimes and it is cloudy, and sometimes it is sunny and the clouds have disappeared. And all seasons are needed - the cold, the heat, the winter, the summer - all seasons are needed. And a real man, an authentic man, has all the climates in his being - only with one awareness: that whatsoever he is doing he should do totally and should do with full awareness - enough, that’s enough, and you have a beautiful person.

But Anand Prem is in search of a perfect man.

I have heard..

Once a man traveled all over the world.. Whenever I look at Anand Prem, I again and again remember that man. He traveled all over the world in search of a perfect woman. He wanted to get married, but how to accept an imperfect model? - he wanted a perfect woman. He came back, his whole life wasted; he could not find. Then one day a friend said, “But now you are seventy and you searched your whole life, couldn’t you find a single perfect woman?”

He said “Yes, once I came across one woman who was perfect.”

So the friend asked “Then what happened?”

But the man became sad, he said “What happened? That woman was in search of a perfect man, so nothing happened!”

Remember, the ideal of perfection is an egoistic ideal.

Ronald Coleman told Herb Stein about a Hollywood phony who spoke with a fake Oxford accent, wore a fake Purple Star and Phi Beta Kappa key - and worst of all, passed a lot of fake checks. At the end of his rope, he decided to commit suicide, and went down to the Santa Fe railroad tracks. He calmly smoked several imported cigarettes while three or four heavy freights puffed by. A tramp who was watching jeered. “If you’re gonna do it, why don’t you do it?”

“Don’t be vulgar” squelched the phony. “A man like me waits for the Super Chief.”