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Chapter 3: When Anger Is False, Laughter Is False

There’s a little part of me that says now I can control her because you say I am to tell her when she is being false. I’ve got a feeing I might misuse it.

No, you will not. There is no need to control.and just by your saying she is phony, she is not going to listen. She is not listening to me! It is not easy to control a woman, she will find a thousand and one ways to get out of it; don’t be worried!

Life can be really such a laughter if you are true. Just the idea gives such beautiful freedom. So for these months, be really true - fight, be angry, be sad. Sometimes, it will be too much, but then you will have a few glimpses of beautiful celebration, a few glimpses of laughter. And they are worth it. But they come only when anger is true. When anger is false, laughter is false.

So just start from anywhere to be true - because the falseness has not paid. It is time - enough is enough!