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Chapter 3: Be Madly in Love with Life

So try to find out new ways with the old person - and you will never be at a loss. Once you know the key of how to always discover a new layer, then the old person is never old. Or, he is old and yet new. Then you are not bored or fed up. Then by and by roots grow.

A point comes in deep love where the lover and the beloved almost become one. I say almost, because the bodies remain separate; but they come to feel a harmony. Now even new research shows that if two persons have loved each other very long, they need not say anything to each other. If a thought arises in one person, it is immediately transferred to the other. Old lovers don’t say much, but they understand. By and by lovers become twins, mm?

So love is a great adventure, it is not a casual thing. It is a life commitment - and if you can understand, it is a commitment for lives, not only for one life.

Because of Christianity and Judaism and Mohammedanism - and these three religions have become very important in the West - the concept of rebirth has been lost. But if you love a person very deeply in this life, you will find him in the next life again. There are recorded phenomena about the same couple being born again and again for many lives, going on discovering each other.

So let love be your meditation. Make it a sacred thing, not a casual phenomenon. Let it be a challenge. Each challenge is painful because each growth is painful. So for six months you have to make love your meditation. Forget that anybody else exists except your lover. And see what happens in these six months.

If someday some idea arises about somebody - because mind goes on thinking; it is a betrayal of the inner spirit, it is a renegade, a Judas - don’t repress it, because repression is not going to help. Each night, whenever you have any desire, any erotic desire arising, for half an hour close the eyes and let that desire have full play in fantasy. Whatsoever you want to do, do in fantasy. Don’t condemn it; it is natural, just human. Devote that half hour completely to it so that it is finished with.

Soon you will start seeing the whole game of the mind, and within six months all ideas of other persons will disappear from the mind. And when that happens, for the first time you will know what love is. Up to now you have only heard the word, mm? So six months. And then every month you go on reporting how things are going. Good.


I’m feeling a terrible tension. It is greed - greed for God. And I cannot accept my stupidity, my stupid parts.

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