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Chapter 2: An Assembly of Two Buddhas

Parasuram, without asking, “What are the reasons for this jealousy? A man like you is not supposed to be jealous, and in your old age.” he simply went and cut off the head of his own mother. Just because of his obedience to his father, howsoever irrational and stupid, Hindus have called him “Bhagwan.” I never had any desire to belong to this category of criminals.

Yesterday, dropping that word, I have disconnected myself with this land, its ugly heritage, its slavery.

One friend has asked if it was a mistake when I referred to Tulsi as Hindu, or do I mean it. I’m not any infallible pope, but that was not a mistake; I mean it.

Jainism never could become an independent religion. It depends for all its necessities on Hindus. It is only a philosophy, not a religion; a Hindu cult, but not a culture. No Jaina would be ready to make shoes; no Jaina would be ready to clean toilets. What kind of culture is this? It is simply a small branch of the Hindu heritage, maybe differing on a few philosophical points, but that does not make it a religion. So, with absolute awareness I called Acharya Tulsi a Hindu.

The people that Hinduism has been worshipping as gods.. It is so hilarious! Krishna is worshipped as the perfect god and he is the man who forced this country into the greatest war India has ever known. It was an unnecessary massacre. It left Hindu society without a spine. It became so afraid of war that it has been available for anybody to invade it.

For two thousand years it has remained a country enslaved by small barbarian tribes - this vast continent - but nobody wanted any violence. The mind of the whole country settled into the consolation of fatalism: “If somebody is coming to invade - Moguls, Hunas, Turks, Mongols, anybody - this is destiny, you cannot avoid it. It is better to accept it; it is destined by God.” That’s why even after the freedom from the British empire, forty years have passed, and one wonders what we had asked freedom for.

Freedom has two wings - from and for. A freedom that is only “from” is not worth the name. Freedom has to be for something greater.

But India continues to become more and more poor, more and more uneducated. And the stupid politicians promised the country, “We are going to lead you into the twenty-first century.”

The country is not even in this century. It still lives according to Manu, seven thousand years back; it still worships Krishna, five thousand years past. It seems all that has to happen has happened for this land. It has no future; its dark night has no dawn.

By dropping the word “Bhagwan” I have disconnected myself absolutely from an ugly tradition - inhuman, barbarous. It has created a mind for slavery, uncreative in every sense, and in the name of spirituality every kind of nonsense goes.

Gautam Buddha fought like a lion. I am immensely happy that he has chosen me. His area of fight was very small, just the state of Bihar in North India; my field of work is the whole world.

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