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Chapter 4: The Door to Bliss, Beauty, Truth and Love

The understanding that the ego is false, the understanding that the separation is false, the understanding that you don’t have a separate destiny than the whole, that a drop in the ocean need not worry about its own destiny - the ocean has to worry about it - is not helplessness. In fact it releases tremendous power. Once you are unburdened by yourself, once you are no more worried about yourself, you become a tremendous energy. Then the energy is no more struggling; now it floats. Now you are not fighting with the whole, now you are with the whole, marching with the whole. Then you are not trying to prove anything against the whole, because that is simply foolish.

It is as if my own hand starts fighting with me and starts trying to have its own destiny, separate from me. I am going to the south, and my head starts going to the north. It is so foolish, it is impossible - foolish, and impossible - and frustration is bound to be there. Sooner or later the hand will see that the hand wanted to go to the north, but it is going to the south. Deep in frustration, the hand will say, “It is fate. I am helpless.”

In fact, the feeling of helplessness arises because of the struggle. When you understand that you are part of the whole, that you are not separate at all, that in fact the whole has been trying to attain some heights through you; you are only a passage, a vehicle - suddenly all frustration disappears. When you don’t have a goal of your own, how can you be frustrated? When you don’t have to prove anything against anything; when you don’t have to struggle, there is no need for fatalism; you need not have any consolation. You simply dance with the whole; you flow with the whole. You know you are the whole.

That is the meaning when the Upanishads say: Aham brahmasmi - I am God. That is the meaning when Jesus says, “I and my God are one” - not fatalism, not settling in helplessness; rather, knowing the fact that we are one with the whole. Then your atomic tinyness disappears. You become cosmic.

“.just floating, feeling everything is beautiful.” Then it happens; then you just float; there is nothing else to do. The same energy that was trying to fight surrenders. Then you are not pushing the river: you simply float on the river, and the river takes you. The river is already going to the ocean. You are unnecessarily worried. You can simply Leave that responsibility to the river. Whether you leave it or not, it is already going.

Don’t fight, because in fight there is going to be frustration - in fight is the seed of frustration, and in frustration you will seek some way to console yourself. Then fatalism is born.

If you don’t fight then everything is just beautiful. Why? Because then you don’t have any idea of your own to compare it with. Everything is beautiful for how could it be otherwise? You don’t have any conflict; hence everything is beautiful. If the river turns to the right, you turn to the right - beautiful. If the river turns to the left - perfectly beautiful, you turn to the left. If you have some idea and some goal, if you say, “I am a leftist,” then there is going to be trouble. When the river starts turning towards the right, you will say, “Now this is going too far; now I cannot surrender - I am a leftist.” Then you will start fighting against the river, and then the river will not be beautiful because your notion, your idea, your ideal, has come in.

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