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Chapter 10: Freedom Opens the Door of Responsibility

What is the difference between waiting for the ship to come in, and being passive and fatalistic?

The difference between waiting for the ship to come, and being passive and fatalistic is immense, although very delicate.

The fatalistic mind does not believe in the individual’s own freedom, does not believe in the individual’s own longing and search. Its belief system is that everything is predetermined; the individual is just a puppet in the hands of existence.

Fatalism destroys your individuality, your integrity, your pride, your self-respect. It destroys everything that is valuable in man. The fatalist is bound to be passive, because what is going to happen is not his desire, is not his longing - at the most it is just his acceptance. Whatever happens, he will accept it; he is dull, unintelligent.

But waiting for the ship is a totally different phenomenon; waiting for the ship does not mean fatalism. The coming of the ship is not predetermined - it depends on the intensity of your longing: it depends on your love, on your heart, on your being afire.

You are arrowed towards the ship - but still it is not impatience. You trust your own longing, not fate. You trust your own dreams; you trust yourself. It brings more integrity to your individuality, more centeredness, more rootedness. And you are patient, because you know your longing is total, and existence is fair. It cannot defeat you, it cannot leave you aside in darkness, because you have longed, you have loved, you have desired, you have searched - although there is no impatience.

Impatience also shows that you are not trusting your dreams, you are not trusting your totality of longing. Patience simply means: I will wait, whatever time it takes for the spring to come - but I will not wait patiently; I will wait with a heart throbbing, desiring, waiting.each moment, day in, day out. Waiting for the ship is a very total action on your part - because the action is total, your trust is total.

But all the mystics of the world have been teaching you to wait patiently, and the masses of the world have turned waiting with patience into a passive and fatalistic attitude. They are indifferent: there is no longing, there is no desire, no dream, no vision. If it comes, it is okay; if it does not come, it does not matter.

The whole world has fallen into a deep spiritual sickness of fatalism. It has stopped people from growing; it has stopped people from searching. It has stopped people.even when the ship has arrived, they are fast asleep and unconscious.

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