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Chapter 8: The Complementariness of Opposites

For example, you are swimming in a river against the current. The possibilities are two: one, you are just fighting the river, just fearful of being taken away by the river - taken down, taken in the flow - just afraid, trembling, fighting against the river. You will be defeated, because this very attitude of fear of being taken away and this trembling mind cannot win. The defeat has set in. How long will you be able to fight the current? The whole attitude is negative, the river is very much positive, life-like, and you are just fear and trembling. How can you win? Sooner or later you will dissipate energy in the fight and the current will take you away.

There is a second point, another dimension: you are not fighting the river because you are not fearful of it.

The first thing: fight is created because of fear. Remember, fight means fear; fear comes first, then you begin to fight. Your fear creates fight, your fear creates the foe. So basically, fear is at the root.

The second point: you are not fighting the river because you are not fearful of the river. You are not fearful of the river because you know that this is just natural, that the river flows downward. Even if you flow downward there is no guilt, it is natural. Even if you flow downward it is not a defeat. It is a defeat only if you fight - then it becomes defeat. It is just natural: the river flows downward and you flow with it. You can even enjoy it. You can feel the bliss of the flowing river - without any effort, just moving with the current, and the current takes you away. You can even conserve energy by flowing down naturally.

So the first thing: don’t be fearful of a downward flow, don’t be fearful. Remember, it is natural, and it is better to flow with the current than to be defeated and taken away because then the whole thing will lose the bliss that is possible naturally. So the first thing: to be natural is not a sin. Remember, because only then can the whole effort become positive; otherwise it will be negative.

To be natural is not a sin. Of course, it is not enough - mm? - that is another thing. But it is not a sin. If you are flowing naturally, that is okay. As far as it goes, it is okay. It is not a sin, it is not a guilt, it is not immoral, it is just healthy. But I say it is not enough. It is not enough because your possibilities are still more. They are not just to be healthy. You can be holy also.

So don’t be in fear - first thing. Don’t be in condemnation of nature, and then the negative attitude will not be there.

Now don’t fight the current - play with the current. You are not fighting the river really, you are just training yourself to go upward. Feel the difference: you are not fighting the river, you are just filled with an abundance, you are just filled with energy and training the energy to go upward. Now the river is not an enemy. Rather, it is a friend, because it gives you the opportunity to go up, to play with it. Now the fight is not a fight at all. It is a game, it is a play. The river is not your enemy it is a situation. Life is a situation, it is not an enemy. Nature is a situation, it is not an enemy. It is an opportunity.

So try to train your inner energy to flow upward. You are not really concerned with the river going downward, you are concerned with a different river of energy going upward. Your mind is basically concerned with the inner energy, which can go upward.

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