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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

The technique is very beautiful. Whenever a person enters the monastery, becomes a disciple, he is given a plaque, a sign. On one side is written: “I am negative, please don’t take me seriously” - if I say something wrong I am not really saying it to you. Because I am negative, and I am filled with hatred, anger, depression. And if I do something, that is because of my negativity, not because you are wrong.

On the other side of the plaque is written: “I am positive, I am loving, affectionate, please don’t take me seriously” - if I say you are beautiful, I am not saying anything about you - I am feeling high.

And whenever a person feels that the mood is changing he changes his plaque; he puts the right side up, whatsoever he is. And many things happen through it, because nobody takes him seriously. People laugh because he is negative.

If somebody is feeling nauseous and vomits, okay! He is not vomiting on you, he is not throwing anything on you. He is throwing something, something that is disturbing him. And only when this division stops and the disciple comes to the master and says, “I am neither. Now I am neither negative nor positive, everything has subsided and both my wings have become one, now I am one,” only then is the plaque taken away.

The moment that plaque is taken away is the moment of enlightenment. Then you are whole. Otherwise, you are always contradicting yourself and then you feel misery and anguish and you think, “What is happening to me?” Nothing is happening to you! With one hand you do something good, with the other you immediately do something bad - immediately, to destroy the other side that has gone ahead, because you are irresolute, you are divided.

One part of you clings to the old habits, another part wants to move into the unknown. One part wants to cling to the world, another part wants to become a bird and go into the unknown sky of divinity, or the very divineness of existence. Then you are stuck.

Try to see this. It is difficult because you have never tried to see it, otherwise it is not difficult at all. It is neither difficult nor easy. Just see what you are doing with yourself and with others.

Whatsoever you do half-heartedly will bring you misery. Stuck, you will fall and fall into hell. Hell is a place where people are stuck, and heaven is a place where everybody is moving, not frozen. Hell is a place where there is no freedom, heaven is freedom.

Hindus have called the ultimate state moksha, absolute freedom. Nobody is stuck anywhere: floating like a free river, a bird on the wing, infinite sky all around, not tethered to anything.

.but those with limited views
are fearful and irresolute:
the faster they hurry, the slower they go,
and clinging cannot be limited.

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