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Chapter 12: Balancing the Rational and the Irrational

Because of the body, the East begins to be attracted toward the West. And because of the spirit, the West begins to be attracted toward the East. But we can change positions and the disease remains the same. So it is not a question now of changing positions. It is now a question of changing the whole perspective. It is not a question of changing the East to the West. Now it is a question of changing the whole past into a new future.

The whole past has been a fragmentary choice of human possibilities. We have never accepted the whole being. Somewhere sex is not accepted; then we deny something. Somewhere, the world is not accepted; then we deny something. Somewhere, emotion is not accepted; then we deny something.

This denial has been the problem and we have never been so strong that we can accept everything that is human with no condemnation, and allow the human being to grow in every direction. And the more you grow in opposite directions, the greater will be the growth, and the richness, and the inner affluence. And abundance is bound to result.

So I have nothing specifically to say to the West or to the East. Whatsoever I have to say is to the human mind as such, to change the total perspective. The change is from the past to the future - not from this present to that present. And unless we see this it is difficult to have a new man, and the problem is how to have a new man.

The problem is colossal, arduous, because this fragmentation has become so deep-rooted. I cannot accept my anger, I cannot accept my sex, I cannot accept my body, I cannot accept myself in my totality. Somewhere something has to be denied and thrown away. Something is evil, something is bad, something is a sin. So I go on cutting branches and ultimately I am not a tree, not an alive thing, just dead, because this fear of growing into branches which I have denied.they can again come up. So I become fearful; everywhere suppressed and fearful. Then, a disease sets in: a sadness, a death.

So we go on living partial lives which are more near to death than to life. This acceptability of the total human potentiality, and bringing everything in it to its peak without feeling any inconsistency, any contradiction - really, if I cannot be authentically angry, I cannot be loving. But this has not been the attitude up to now. We have been thinking that a person is more loving if he is incapable of anger.

Supposing the tree is growing next to a wall. The wall is there. The branches cannot grow in all directions because a wall is there. The wall may be an existing society, may be an existing condition. How can that tree grow?

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