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Chapter 3: Deep within the Cave of the Heart

The ultimate reality cannot be known through one’s wealth, one’s progeny or one’s actions.

Renunciation is the only path through which those who have known the ultimate reality have entered the deathless.

Beyond heaven shines the ultimate reality, which is deep within the cave of the heart. This can be experienced only by the faithful seeker.

Death is surrounding man from all sides. Wherever he may go, finally he will find death. Whether we think about it or avoid thinking about it..

Who is that friend who is talking over there? Please, stop talking!.Whether we are conscious of it or not, the fear of death is there, present every moment. In fact, all other fears are shadows of the fear of death. Whether one is afraid of poverty, whether one is afraid of illness, whether one is afraid to lose respectability or afraid of failure, deep down, behind all the fears is the fear of death. Mind is afraid of poverty because it thinks that if there is enough money then it will be a protection against death. Mind is afraid of failure because it thinks that if there is success, then it will be powerful enough to fight against death.

Fear of death is one side of the coin of life; the other side of the coin is the lust for life. The intensity of the fear that life is slipping out of your hands is in the same proportion to the intensity of your lust for life. The more is the clinging, the bigger is the fear.

This fear of death takes man into an endless number of activities. Throughout your life you live less and spend more time and energy making safeguards against death. Perhaps no time is left for living. The fear of death is so deeply ingrained in your heart - how can the flower of life bloom in it? You run, you scramble, you earn money, you acquire fame, you build houses with high and strong walls, with big safes. You make all sorts of arrangements for your security for one reason only: you don’t want to die.

But eventually you do die. All your safety measures fail, all your precautions prove to be futile. All your efforts, all your endeavors, all your attempts prove to be in vain because one day death knocks at your door.

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