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Chapter 23: You’ll Never Find a Lion in the Lion’s Club

He had to invent all kinds of weapons. No animal has bothered to invent weapons. There is no need; their hands, their teeth, their nails, are enough. From the earliest days man had to invent weapons - first made of stones, rocks, then slowly slowly with metals.

Then he had to work out that even with a weapon in his hand he could not fight with a lion or an animal at close quarters. He had to invent arrows - that is, shooting from a distance - coming close was dangerous. You may have a weapon but it won’t be of much use against an elephant. He will take you and your weapon both together and throw you half a mile away.

Shooting from a distance in some way or other became necessary. That’s how we have arrived at nuclear weapons. Now we have taken man completely out of it; you just push a button and a rocket shoots. You need not know where the rocket is; it goes on its programmed course. It will reach to the Kremlin or it will reach to the White House; that program is in-built.

Who pushes the button does not matter; he can be miles away. He has to be miles away because after all man is not a pope, he is fallible: things can backfire. The rockets may be somewhere in Texas, and the buttons, the switches, may be somewhere in the White House.

Man has created distance between himself and the enemy, and finally he had to create distance between himself and the weapon too, because the weapon became too dangerous. To keep it close is taking an unnecessary risk.

But everything has grown in a very logical way. Man has become the conqueror of all the animals. Only in this sense can it be said, “Blessed are the weak for they shall inherit the kingdom of the earth.” They have inherited it only in this sense, but in no other, spiritual sense. Man’s weakness has proved his strength.

Man had to think, he had to work things out. There were so many problems, and he had no natural way to find out solutions - hence, thinking. Thinking simply means you are faced with a problem and nature has not given you the clue to it. All the animals are provided with clues. They never face any problem. Whenever they have to encounter something they know exactly what they have to do; hence thinking does not grow.

Man was left without any solutions, - with immense problems surrounding him: he had to think.

Over millions of years his thinking cells became more and more efficient, but on the way he was gathering all kinds of dust, all kinds of fears. It was necessary, it could not be avoided; but the trouble is that time has passed, you have passed through that way, but the dust is still clinging to you.

Now man can be alone. Now there is no need for him to be fanatically committed to any religious group any political ideology - Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, communism, fascism - there is no need.

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