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Chapter 1: The Ultimate Synthesis

Hui Ang visited King K’ang of Sung. The king stamped his foot, coughed and said fiercely, “What pleases me is courage and strength. I take no pleasure in men who preach morality. What have you to teach me?”

“Suppose that I have a way to make anyone, however brave and strong, miss when he stabs or strikes at you. Wouldn’t Your Majesty be interested?”

“Excellent! This is the sort of thing I like to hear.”

“But even if a stab or blow misses, it is still humiliating for you. Suppose that I have a way to prevent anyone, however brave and strong, from daring to stab or strike you. But a man who does not dare to harm you may still have the will to harm you. Suppose that I have a way to ensure that men have absolutely no will to harm you. But a man who has no will to harm you may still have no thought of loving or benefiting you. Suppose that I have a way to make every single man and woman in the world joyfully desire to love and benefit you. This is three degrees better than courage and strength. Isn’t Your Majesty interested?”

“This is the sort of way I should like to find.”

“The teaching of Confucius and Mo Tzu is what I have in mind. Confucius and Mo Tzu became princes without owning territory, became leaders without holding office. Every man and woman in the world craned his neck and stood on tiptoe in his eagerness for their safety and benefit. Now Your Majesty is the Lord of ten thousand chariots. If you were indeed to share the aims of these two men, everyone within your four borders would enjoy the benefit. You would be far greater than Confucius and Mo Tzu.”

Hui Ang hurried out. And the king said to his courtiers, “Clever, the way he talked me round with his argument!”

Tao means transcendence - transcendence of all duality, transcendence of all polarity, transcendence of all opposites. Tao is the ultimate synthesis - the synthesis of man and woman, of positive and negative, life and death, day and night, summer and winter.

But how does this synthesis become possible? How has one to grow into that ultimate synthesis? A few things have to be understood..

First, the principle of yin, the principle of femininity, is like a ladder - a ladder between hell and heaven. You can go to hell through it and you can go to heaven through it; the direction will differ but the ladder will be the same. That ladder is the principle of yin, the principle of femininity. Nothing happens without the woman. The energy of the woman is the ladder of the lowest and of the highest, of the darkest valley and of the lightest peak. This is one of the fundamental principles of Tao. It has to be understood in detail. Once it gets rooted in your heart things will become very simple.

It will be good to go into the symbol of Adam and Eve.

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