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Chapter 4: Where Do We Go from Here?

You should do just the opposite. You should work more, not as a slave, but out of your freedom and love for the whole commune, and you will prove that Sheela was wrong. And that will be the guarantee that nobody ever again takes any fascist steps. But if you act this way, then perhaps another Sheela will be needed; otherwise you cannot survive. It is simple arithmetic.

In Soviet Russia, when the country became independent from the czarist rule in 1917, in the Moscow main street a woman was found walking in the middle of the road. And when she was told by the policeman, “Walking in the middle of the road is not allowed”..

There are two possibilities: if the country decides, then keep to the left or keep to the right. But no country in the whole world has the idea to keep in the middle. Traffic will become impossible. Accidents will increase a thousandfold. Just think, traffic in the middle! from both sides cars and buses and people walking! It will be a tragedy.

But the woman said, “Then what is the meaning of freedom, if I still have to keep the old rule?”

Don’t be so idiotic, like that woman. Nobody should impose any rule over you. If you are responsible, intelligent, you will create a life of discipline on your own.

So remember, you can choose. If you want Sheela back, I can call her and her whole gang, and give the commune to her. If you don’t want anybody to be dictatorial to you, then take responsibility. Then work, and work more sincerely, honestly. The need simply disappears.

And you are a group of very intelligent people, but this is the trouble with intelligent people. They always try to misuse freedom.

I would like to remind you that Germany is one of the most intellectual countries in the world. It has given to the world people like Kant, Hegel, Feuerbach, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Martin Heidegger - great philosophers, great psychologists. And still a third-class crackpot, Adolf Hitler, managed to get all the intelligentsia of the country to follow him.

And I don’t think humanity has learned anything out of it. If you don’t learn, then history repeats. If you learn, then you can stop history repeating again.

Martin Heidegger was perhaps one of the most significant philosophers of the century, and he was a contemporary of Adolf Hitler. He supported Adolf Hitler - inconceivable! The whole youth, which is the cream of the society, its intelligence, all the universities’ vice-chancellors, professors - they all supported Adolf Hitler, a man who was uneducated, a man who was refused from the school of art, who was refused from the school of architecture, because he had no intelligence.

This man became the leader of the most intelligent country in the world, and he created the greatest fascist regime. He killed almost ten million people, and still people were supporting him. It has to be psychoanalyzed.

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