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Chapter 31: The Art of Being Human

And in Christianity, Mohammedanism, Judaism, there is only one life. So the rich person is born without any past life in which he would have committed some evil acts; that’s why God has not given him the test of trust and has taken away the opportunity of entering into paradise.

A strange God! He makes people rich, comfortable, luxurious, because he is against them. But why is he against them? They have not done anything. This is their only life! Why has he chosen a few people to be rich, and many people to be poor?

All these explanations are bogus; and the contemporary mind is becoming clear about all these explanations, that they were strategies to keep the poor, poor, and to make the rich, richer.

In a country like India no revolution has ever happened, although the whole country is poor. In the hands of only a few families all the riches of the country have gathered. The whole country is starving, hungry, but they have accepted it patiently up to now.

There is a limit to everything. Now they are burning. They know they have been cheated, badly cheated. So there are going to be riots, there are going to be killings. And the responsibility goes to your prophets, your messiahs, your messengers of God - and finally, to God. If God exists anywhere, he is the greatest criminal. To create a world with so much hatred, anger, rage, violence..

This is something strange. You make something wrong, and if it behaves wrongly then you punish it. Who has made you a sexual being? If God wanted celibacy, there was no problem for him. If he can create the whole world within six days, can’t he manage that man is born without sex, without greed, without jealousy, without anger, without hate? No, He has made a man full of all these things. And anger, hate, jealousy you need not learn; they are instinctive, they are God-given.

Meditation you will have to learn - God has not given that to you. This God must be nuts! He has not given you the most precious thing: the art of knowing yourself. In fact, he was against all knowledge. He prevented Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge and from eating from the tree of eternal life.

Can you think of this God as divine, who is preventing his children from wisdom and from the taste of eternal life? These are the two things that he should have insisted on: “First taste these two trees, and then the whole Garden of Eden is yours.”

But this God is the invention of the vested interests. The priests never wanted people to be educated, they never wanted the people to become intelligent, because there was danger. In their education, in their intelligence the people will start asking questions. And the priests don’t have any authentic answers, because all that the priests have created in the name of religion is fiction - and ugly fiction.

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