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Chapter 36: From Maya (Illusion) to Reality

So, remember, the guru’s work is, his role is, to make you aware of your falsity, and because of your false center your world is false. The world is not really illusory, it is not maya. It is maya because your eyes are illusory. They are dream-filled. You project your dreams all around, and the reality is falsified. The same world will become real when your eyes are real. When the false center is broken and you are again rooted in your real center, in your being, this world will become the nirvana.

Zen masters have been continuously saying that this world is nirvana, this very world is moksha, liberation. It is only a question of eyes. With false eyes everything is falsified; with real eyes everything is real. Your false entity creates a false world around you. And don’t think that you all live in one world. You cannot! Each one lives in his own world, and there are as many worlds as there are minds because each mind creates its own world, its own milieu. Even if you are living in a family, the husband lives in his own world and the wife in her own world, and there are collisions every day between these two worlds. They never meet; they collide. Meeting is impossible.

With mind there can be no meeting - only collision, conflict. When mind is not, there can be a meeting. The wife lives in her own world, in her own expectations. The husband for her is not the real husband that is there in the world, he is just her own image. The husband lives in his own world, and the real wife is not his wife. He has an image of a wife, and whenever this wife falls short of his image there is struggle, conflict, anger, hatred. He loves his own image of a wife and the wife loves her own image of a husband, and these both are illusory; they exist nowhere. This real wife is there and this real husband is there, but they cannot meet because between these two real things are the unreal wife and the unreal husband. They are always there; they won’t allow a meeting of the real ones.

Everyone is living in his own world, in his own dreams, expectations, projections. There are as many worlds as there are minds. Those worlds are illusory, maya. When your false center disappears, the whole world changes. Then it is a real world. Then for the first time you see things as they are. Then there is no misery because with illusion expectation disappears, and with reality there can be no misery. Then one comes to feel, “It is so! Fact is fact!” Only with fictions are there problems, and fictions never allow you to know fact. These fictions of the mind are maya.

The role of the guru is to shatter the fictions so that the fact becomes available to you and you become available to the fact. That “facticity” is truth. Once you know that facticity, even the guru will be different. If you come to a guru now, you come with your own image of him. Someone comes to me: he comes with his own image of me. And then, if I am not following his image, he is in difficulty. But how am I to follow his image? And if I try to follow everyone’s image, I will be in a mess. And every disciple thinks I should be like this or that; he has his own concept of a guru. If I am not fulfilling his concepts he becomes frustrated, but this is how it is going to be. A disciple comes with a mind, and this is the problem. I have to change his mind, to destroy it. He comes with a mind and he looks at me also with his mind.