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Chapter 33: Serenity

P’ang is saying, “Don’t create that which does not exist; and that which exists, empty your mind of all attachment to it, of all infatuation with it.” Your infatuation is your bondage; if you are not infatuated with that which exists, and you are not imaginative in creating gods and ghosts, what is left?

A simple silence.

A pure serenity.

An undisturbed, unruffled consciousness.

And that is it!

Hence old P’ang is right. Within two simple sentences he has condensed all the teachings of all the awakened people. There are thousands of scriptures, but these two statements are enough; anything else is just unnecessary fabrication by the deluded people for the deluded people.

People can get concerned with such stupid things - you cannot believe it.

Christian theologians of the middle ages had argued for centuries in great treatises. You will not believe what kind of idiots these theologians were. Their problem was how many angels can stand on the head of a pin. Why were they concerned? - but it became such a big problem as if their life depended on whether one angel more or less can stand there. Those angels are fictitious - and why should even those fictitious angels stand on the head of a pin?

But it was a very serious matter, and for three or four centuries it was debated almost continuously by great theologians, philosophers. If you look into the history of religions you will find such stupidities that you cannot believe that this is our heritage, that these are the old sources of our so-called great religions.

For two thousand years Christians had been arguing and insisting that Jesus was born of a virgin - Mary. Now what does it matter? Even if he was born of Virgin Mary, he can be wrong. Just by being born of a virgin, you don’t become right; in fact, more is the possibility that from the very beginning you are wrong. But even today the pope insists that this is their fundamental principle. What will Christianity be if three fictions are removed? One is the virgin birth of Jesus, which can be cancelled without any trouble.

One young girl was brought to a doctor by her mother, who was an old friend. She was very much worried because it was so apparent that the girl was at least seven or eight months pregnant - there was no need for any test. Still the doctor took the test and he said, “I am sorry, but nothing can be done. It is too late now; abortion is dangerous. The girl is pregnant.”

But the mother said, “How it can be? Because I never allow her any chances..”

And the girl said, “I have not even touched the hand of any man. How I can be pregnant?”

The doctor looked at both of them and went to the window and looked at the sky. For a moment there was silence. Then the mother said, “What are you doing there?”

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