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Chapter 1: Catching the First Principle

“Well, while you are down there, you had better look at the brakes as well,” replied the law. “Your car has been at the bottom of the hill for the past half hour.”

That’s what has happened to churches. Jesus is not there, the Buddha is not there. People are doing something else in the name of Jesus, in the name of Buddha, and they are thinking Buddha is there. Church is the last place where you can meet Jesus, and the temple, the Buddhist temple, is the last place where you can meet a Buddha. But you go to the church, you go to the temple.and you think you are going to Buddha and to Jesus.

You are great pretenders. You want to pretend. You want to be respectable. You want to show to everybody that “We are religious people.” So we have created a Sunday religion; every Sunday you go. Six days for the world; one day - not the whole day - one or two hours - for God. Just in case something goes wrong or maybe really God is or maybe one survives death. These are all “perhapses.” And a perhaps never changes anybody’s life; only a certainty changes somebody’s life.

Hence my insistence, if you cannot find an alive master, go on searching and searching. There are always alive masters somewhere or other; the earth is never empty of them. But never go to the places where conventionally you expect them. There they are not. Jesus was not in the synagogue. Buddha was not in any Hindu temple; he was born a Hindu, but he was not in any Hindu temple. Jesus was a Jew, but he was not in the synagogue. And so has been the case always. Don’t go on worshipping ideas. Find a living reality.

And the moment you find a living reality, become vulnerable, become open. And you will have the first principle, which cannot be said, but you can get it.

Enough for today.