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Chapter 30: Live Dangerously

“But I have seen: every morning the lake is new, fresh; it is not the same lake. Every morning..” And I am simply surprised and amazed; even today I cannot believe that that place, the University of Sagar.I have been all over India, but I have never seen so much color in the sky as on that particular lake. So many colors, so much color in the sky, and everything is reflected in the lake. You could have just sat there and meditation would have happened. You were not required to do it.

So I said, “Of course I get up at three. The lake wakes me up, the birds start singing at three, and those few people who have once come with me to sit there under the trees.the last stars disappearing, and the morning descending by and by.and the first flowers opening.”

The lake was full of lotuses. And as the sun rises on the horizon, the lotuses start opening. They close up when the sun sets; the whole night they also stay asleep. As the sun rises - the first rays, and the lotuses start opening. And it is the most beautiful flower you can imagine - the biggest flower, the most fragrant, and the most alive.and floating in water, but it has such a velvety skin that water cannot touch it. Even dewdrops falling on the lotus leaf or the lotus flower remain there like pearls. Water cannot touch it, so the dewdrops cannot spread and make the leaf wet. They remain just like round shaped pearls sitting on it. And when the sun rises a little higher, all those lotuses, their leaves, and these millions of pearls, start reflecting the sunrays. Sometimes a rainbow is created on the lake.

I told the vice-chancellor, “Those who have gone with me, once I have invited them, but I have never asked them twice. And the people who have been reporting to you don’t know anything about beauty, about existence.” I told him, “I know who has reported to you. I don’t think any student will report against me. It is the proctor, the professor in charge of the hostel, who is very worried because I will not listen to him.”

I had told him, “You are the professor in charge of the students, not of the prefect.” I had shown him the book in which the rules were written - certainly there was no mention that he was an authority over the prefect. Certainly he was, because the prefect was also a student, but there was no mention of it. So I said, “There is no mention of it. You take care of the students if you want. I will take care in my own way. I am taking care - by not interfering. And my students are immensely happy that for the first time there is nobody authoritative forcing them to do this, not to do that: ‘Go to sleep at nine o’clock; all the lights should be put out at nine.’”

But my own light was not put out. The proctor came on the first day to tell me that this was not right. I said, “Don’t you disturb me at all. I will read as long as I wish - sometimes the whole night, because there is the whole day to sleep in - and nobody can control me. And I always used to keep the book of the rules that was given to me as prefect. I said, “Look into this: there is no mention of it, that you have any authority over my sleep or my waking. I will wake in my time, I will sleep in my time; and my students will do according to themselves, whatsoever they want to do.”

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