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Chapter 8: Witnessing

That’s what happens to spiritual people, they are dead people. This has been my observation: that even materialists are more alive than your spiritual people, because materialists deep down feel that someday they will try to become spiritualists also. They don’t condemn. Rather, on the contrary, they feel a self-condemnation inside them, a guilt that they are not going to the temple but to the prostitute; that they are not going to prayer but they are going to a singing party, a dancing party. They know that they are doing something wrong, they feel humiliated. So there is a possibility for them because the ego feels hurt. But the spiritual person is an egoistic person. In fact, the concept of god has been created by the greatest egoists in the world - to condemn others and to appreciate themselves.

God is total, but the god of the so-called spiritual people is not total. Their god is just an abstraction, a thought, a pure thought with no life in it.

Lao Tzu is not spiritual in that sense, and he won’t allow any spirituality into his vicinity. He is simply for the whole; he is simply for no division.

I am also for no division. When I initiate you into sannyas I am not initiating you into spirituality, I am initiating you into a life of the whole - I am trying to make you holy, not spiritual. And remember by holy I always mean the whole in which you will live an integrated life - an organically integrated life of body, soul, world, god, market and meditation; an integrated life where no division exists; a flowing energy, not compartmentalized.

I don’t want any airtight compartments in your being. Your being should be liquid. You should be courageous, so courageous that even the sinner can exist side by side with the saint in you, and the saint is not afraid and the sinner doesn’t feel condemned. When your sinner and saint come closer and closer and one day become one, you have become holy. Then you have not denied anything, you are not a no-sayer, you have said yes to the whole of life as it is, with no conditions attached. You have said yes to the whole life - this to me is what a religious man is.

The same is true with Lao Tzu. He does not bother about growth, growth will take its own course - you just live the moment. He does not bother about spirituality - you just live totally, and spirituality will take care of itself. It will come.it is a flowering, not a discipline.

When one is total, life flowers. And that flowering is spirituality. Spirituality is not an attitude, it is not a discipline. It is an outcome of a life lived totally, joyfully, delightfully; of a life of no complaint; of a life lived courageously, intensely. Then this flowering happens.

The fifth question:

You spoke of balance, the meeting point, the blending of opposites - but it seems to be an invisible timeless point. Then how can it be known by me who is time?

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