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Chapter 12: Beyond the Mind to the Source

If someone asks you, “Where are you in your body?” you will point to your head, because that is the highest. That is why brahmins in India will say, “We are the head and the sudras, the untouchables, they are the feet.” The feet are lower than the head. Really, you are the head, and the feet and the other parts only belong to you, they are not you. To make this division we have made clothes in two parts - some for the upper body and some for the lower body. This is only to divide the body in two. There is a subtle division.

The lower body is not part of you. It hangs on you - that is another thing. That is why it is difficult to use the sex center for centering. But if you can use it, that is the best, because biologically your energy is flowing toward that center. Concentrate on it. Whenever you feel any sexual urge, close your eyes and feel your energy flowing toward the sex center.

Make it a meditation; feel yourself centered in the sex center. Then suddenly you will feel a change of quality in the energy. Sexuality will disappear, and the sex center will become illumined, full of energy, dynamic. You will feel life at its peak at this center. And if you are centered, sex will really be forgotten completely at that moment. From the sex center you will feel energy flowing all over the body, even transcending the body and going into the cosmos. If you are totally centered at the sex center, suddenly you will be thrown to your basic root, at the navel.

Tantra has used the sex center, and I think Tantra has been one of the most scientific approaches toward human transformation, because to use sex is very scientific. When the mind is already flowing toward it, why not use this natural flow as a vehicle?

That is the basic difference between Tantra and so-called moralist teachings. Moralist teachers can never use the sex center for transformation - they are afraid. And one who is afraid of sex energy will really find it very, very difficult to transform himself or herself because he is fighting against the current, unnecessarily flowing against the river.

It is easy to flow with the river, just float. And if you can float without any conflict, you can use this center for centering.

Any center will do. You can create your own centers. no need to be traditional. All centers are devices - devices for centering. When you are centered you will come down to your navel automatically. A centered consciousness goes back to the original source.

The second question:

Buddha inspired a large number of persons to become sannyasins - sannyasins who would beg for their meals and live away from society, business and politics. Buddha himself lived an ascetic life. This monastic life seems to be the other extreme of the worldly life. This doesn’t seem to be the middle path. Can you explain this?

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