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Chapter 3: The Gardener Is the Garden

Recognition is one of the turning points in life. The search for a master is the search for a man in whom you can recognize that God is; in whom you can recognize that now there is no need for any proof; in whom you can recognize - not intellectually, but existentially - that yes, God is. That man becomes your master. He becomes the door. That’s why Jesus goes on saying: “I am the door. I am the opening through whom you can come.”

Otherwise you can go on arguing. Your arguments are all futile. Whether you prove that God is, or you prove that God is not, does not matter much. They are all intellectual gymnastics. Nothing is proved. No atheist ever becomes capable of converting a theist and no theist is ever capable of converting an atheist. For centuries the argument has continued. Nobody seems to win. The whole thing seems to be futile and meaningless. You cannot convince anybody about anything unless he opens his eyes and recognizes something which is of the beyond.

Once it happened..

Mulla Nasruddin woke up one morning and started crying and weeping. His wife was worried. She said, “What has happened? Have you had a nightmare?”

He said, “No, it is not a nightmare. I have died. I am dead.”

Now, how can he be convinced that he is not dead? The wife tried, the neighbors tried, but there was no way to prove it to him. He insisted that he was dead.

He was taken to a psychoanalyst. The psychoanalyst watched him, talked to him: “A very rational man, argumentative, and he argues that he is dead! And he says, ‘Give me some proof that I am alive!’”

The psychoanalyst thought it over and said, “Yes.” An idea had struck him. He said, “Come with me.”

He took Mullah to the hospital, to the post-mortem department, and told the doctors the situation. The dead bodies were cut and the psychoanalyst said, “Look. Is there any blood flowing?”

No blood was flowing. The psychoanalyst had the idea that if Nasruddin could be convinced that dead bodies don’t bleed then something might be possible. With the proof that dead bodies don’t bleed and live bodies bleed..

For seven days he took Mulla to see the autopsies and he was intellectually convinced. When he was convinced, Mulla Nasruddin said, “Now there is no need to continue. I am convinced that dead bodies don’t bleed. But that makes no change in my attitude.”

The psychoanalyst said, “Wait.” He took his hand, took a sharp knife and made a small cut on his finger. Blood started flowing. The psychoanalyst was thinking, “Now there is absolute proof that you are not dead.”

But Mulla Nasruddin looked at the blood and said, “My God! So dead men bleed after all!”