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Chapter 18: Of Old and New Law Tables Part 2

Fixed ideologies will be lagging far behind, and you will be always a misfit with existence. All your scriptures become meaningless, because they don’t change. All your philosophies become useless, because life goes on changing.

Anything that remains unchanging loses all significance - it is of no use to life, it has to be removed from the path. Then only one thing emerges, and that is awareness. You have to be very aware of all the changes that are going on around you, so that you don’t lag behind. With your awareness, with every change, you change also. You don’t act out of fixed ideals; you act out of your awareness of the moment.

This means that there is no reason for any religion to exist. This means that there is no validity for any morality to exist. This means that there is only one thing which is significant, and that is: how to be more conscious, so that you need not fall out of tune with life, so that your heartbeat remains harmonious with the heartbeat of the universe. This is the only religion - your heartbeat in accord with the heartbeat of the universe. This is the only spirituality.

And this will bring you, every day, new insights, fresh values. It will keep you always sensitive, to your very last breath. You will remain young. Your body may become old, but your consciousness will be refreshing itself every moment - just as the river goes on moving, flowing and refreshing itself; it never becomes dirty.

Zarathustra says:

When water is planked over so that it can be walked upon, when gangway and railings span the stream: truly, he is not believed who says: “Everything is in flux.”

When there is a bridge over the river naturally, if somebody says, “Everything is in flux,” people will say, “We can conceive that the river is in flux, but what about the bridge? Everything is not in flux.”

It actually happened, in the life of a great mystic, Bodhidharma, because he was a lover of Gautam Buddha and a seer of the same status. He was passing over a bridge, and one of his followers said, “You often repeat the statement of Gautam Buddha that everything is in flux, but what about the bridge?”

Bodhidharma said, “The bridge is also as much in change as the river, just the change is faster. Your eyes cannot catch it. You know perfectly well, one day this bridge will become old. If it was not changing it could not become old. You know perfectly well, one day this bridge will fall down, will have to be replaced by another bridge. If it was not changing there would be no question of its falling down, of its becoming old, tattered. It is changing. The river is changing very slowly - that’s why you can see it. The bridge is changing so fast that it needs a great clarity of vision even to conceive it. You ordinarily don’t see it.”

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