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Chapter 5: Killing the Buddha

It happens according to a certain eternal law. The feminine is more powerful, but very paradoxical. The feminine looks very powerless - therein is the power. In the very powerlessness is the power. The feminine looks fragile - therein precisely is the power and the strength.

Everybody has both inside them. A man has a woman inside him and a man, and a woman has a woman inside her and a man. Now it depends on you. This is how the focus has to be changed. Intellect is male; intelligence is female. Mind is male; meditation is female, receptive, passive.

If you go on clinging to the intellect you will miss, because reality opens its door only to those who are passive - passive, alert.but absolutely passive, not doing anything. Change the focus from intellect to intelligence. Change the focus from thoughts to feelings.

Truth can never be known; it can only be felt. You cannot go to truth; you can only be available for it to come to you. Nobody ever reaches truth; whenever you are ready, truth reaches you.

If you are trying to work it out through the intellect, you will become a metaphysician, a philosopher, a systematizer, a logician - but you will miss. You will miss absolutely. Drop all logic, all systematizing, all hair-splitting. Drop all aggressiveness. The active has to be dropped. Become passive.

Sit silently, be silent - and wait. And one day suddenly, when you are really settled in your passivity, when you are really centered in your receptivity, when you are just a door, an opening, truth comes to you, nirvana happens to you.

Enough for today.