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Chapter 26: Because of Love, We Are Together

So my second message: man has not to follow anybody. Understand certainly, learn certainly, listen certainly, remain open, but follow your own inner spontaneity, follow your own being. I help people here to be themselves. Just as in my garden I help the roses to be roses and the lotus to be a lotus. I don’t try to help the lotus be a rose. The world is rich because there is variety. The world would be ugly if only roses grew and no other flower. Thousands of flowers grow, and the world is beautiful. Each person has to be authentically himself, utterly himself

So the sannyasins who are here with me are not my followers. They love me, through their love they have come close to me. Their love has brought me here, their love has brought them here - because of love we are together - but I am not the leader and they are not the followers. And I am not creating a cult, I am not creating a church. The sannyasins are just a commune of friends, not a church. We don’t have any dogma that everybody has to believe in. There is nothing to be believed in, but millions of things to be experimented with. My ashram is a lab, we experiment here. That too is creating great trouble, because man has forgotten to experiment.

We are experimenting in a multi-dimensional way. We are experimenting with Tao, we are experimenting with Sufism, we are experimenting with Jainism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, we are experimenting with Tantra, Yoga, alchemy. We are experimenting with all the possibilities that can make the human consciousness rich and a human being whole. That is creating trouble, because when the follower of Yoga comes he cannot understand why Tantra should be experimented with; he is against Tantra. When the follower of Tantra comes he cannot see why Yoga should be experimented with; he is against Yoga.

I am not against anything. I am for all. I am utterly for all. I claim the whole human heritage, and whatsoever is good in any tradition is mine, and whatsoever can make man richer is mine. I don’t belong to any tradition, all traditions belong to me.

So this is a new experiment. It has never been done before in such a way: this is the synthesis of all the paths. So I am teaching a synthesis. And my feeling is that the man who has only been experimenting with Yoga will remain partial, will grow only in part - as if a man’s hand has become too big and the whole body remains small. He will be a monster.unless he can experiment with Tantra also, because Tantra is complementary to Yoga.

Remember, this is one of my basic insights: that in life there are no contradictions, all contradictions are complementaries. Night is complementary to the day, so is summer to winter, so is death to life. They are not against each other. There is nothing against, because there is only one energy - it is one God. My left hand and my right hand are not against each other, they are complementary. Opposites are just like wings of a bird, two wings - they look opposite to each other but they support each other. The bird cannot fly with one wing.

Tantra and Tao have to be experimented with together.

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